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Coke Live Music Festival 2013

9-10.08.2013 - Cracow

Coke Live Music Festival - takes place in Cracow and is one of the best music festivals in Poland. It lasts two days and is full of great artists. There were two stages (Main stage and Cracow stage).
This year you could see there,inter alia:

Florence + The Machine
Franz Ferinand

Katy B
Tres B.
Monika Brodka 
Mela Koteluk
Wu Tang Clan
Dawid Podsiadło
Regina Spektor
The Cribes
.. and others (who have not impressed me at all)

At the beginning it was raining so people were wearing colorful cloaks. Mela Koteluk and Monika Brodka had to fight with the rain but they managed to warm up the atmosphere and gave great concerts. 

But fortunately the weather got better so we didn't have to worry about the rain. We were waiting for Franz Ferdinand so unluckily we couldn't see Regina Spektor who was playing on the Cracow Stage.

The concert was marvelous. People were dancing, jumping and singing with a lot of power. Everybody (even Franz) seemed to have great time.

After Franz we went to see Dawid Podsiadło. He was performing on the Cracow stage. His voice, songs and attitude towards the audience arouse a lot of positive energy. 

Tired but excited we came back home to relax before the second day.


We went to the center to eat something and see that beautiful city again. That day was very windy. 
We ate delicious spaghettis in the restaurant and then went to Wedel - café where you can eat/drink chocolate in every form.
I ordered hot milk chocolate with marzipan and nut ice creams with toffi and amaretti cakes. It was so sweet and so delicious that we forgot to take the photos.

Then we catch a tram and went to the second day of the concert. 

During the first two concerts we were sitting on T-Mobile's 'balcony' and taking a rest. There was exceedingly comfortable and we had a nice view.

Due to transport problems Wu Tang Clan was supposed to perform at 01:00 a.m. so Tres. B gave their concert on the Main Stage instead of the Cracow Stage. I was extremely happy because in the other case I would ommit it waiting for Florence. They were gorgeous and took us to the other world.

and then...

A lot of people were wearing wreaths on their heads so it looked great. When Florence took the stage everybody was very excited. She was moving exceedingly softly and gently and sang with a great passion. Her voice is thousand times better when you can hear it live. She charmed us from the very beginning. She is magical, lovely (especially when she is sprinkling glitter) and marvelous in her style.


After that concert we went see Katy B She was performing on the Cracow Stage. The audience was jumping and dancing very vigorously.

Then we decided to go to the bubble where was silent disco. Everybody got headphones and could choose the channel with the music. There were two DJs. Is was very funny to see people dancing and singing variously when they were listening to the different music. 

At the end we went to see Wu Tang Clan. I am not a hip-hop fan but they were awesome. They were like energy shots so despite the late our nobody was tired.

I am so haappy that I could be there. Concerts were amazing and atmosphere was gorgeous. I hope that next year Coke's program will be as good as this year. :)

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