piątek, 28 czerwca 2013

How to make your life sweeter?
The answer is easy: bake FUDGE CAKE! :)


2 1/2 glass of flour
 cup of butter
5 yolks
1 tsp baking powder

5 eggwhites
5 tbsp sugar

ready fudge cream

7 oz salted peanuts
3,5 oz almonds

Mix all the ingredients for dough and knead the dough. 
Roll  it out and bake in 356F (it should be gold). 
Beat egg whites with sugar and put it on the each of baked dough. 
On the top put peanuts (and almonds). 
Place it in the oven and bake for 30 min in the temperature 248F. 
Egg whites should be dry and become a meringue  (but it sometimes doesn’t work). 
On the top put the fudge cream and peanuts.

Bon Appetite!

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